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The Remy Martin tour was one of the greatest tours in my career. Every detail was thought out and well planned for. We were looking forward to meeting the Remy Martin team in Paris France. From airplanes to trains and chartered bus we where finally welcomed to the Remy house. The tour was truly amazing as we learned to pick the grapes and distill the juice, from A to Z we did it all. My favorite part of the tour was the barrel house, I liked the peaceful and untouched ambiance that the barrel's where allowed to have to do what they do best (Impart true character) maturation. Not to many people have the chance to taste Louis XIII at barrel strength. We had the experience of opening a barrel that had been resting longer than I have been alive. The nose was elegant and rich, full of body and on the palate it was a pure a masterpiece. The cognac had an average age of 50 to 60 years of maturation in the barrel and as we sipped this liquid gold we found ourselves in amazement as to its character. The important role of maturation was clearly displayed as we finished up with our private tasting at the Remy Martin house. The tour continued on with a video and concluded with a great lunch hosted by the gracious care takers of the Remy house. I can say that the Remy Martin tour made me feel like royalty. We stayed the night in Cognac, France and departed the next morning back to Paris. I was sad to have to leave such a peaceful place it changed my life forever to know how much work, tradition and honor all went into the art of producing one of the finest spirits in the entire world, Remy Martin's Louis XIII. I want to thank the proud people of Remy Martin who made it what it is today; "A Masterpiece". I would also like to extend an extra special thanks to Grace Lee for making the trip possible for Enigma Group. I have tasted many spirits all around the world and this one has got to be the greatest vertical tasting that I have ever attended. This trip was absolutely priceless in all aspects of the word... This is an extra special thanks to the Remy Martin house and the rest of the development team... Sincerely / Enigma Group