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Mission Statement

Enigma Group Mission Statement

Here at Enigma we will continue to produce the very best beverage programs available. We will lead by example and set the precedence for all others to follow. Giving the utmost consideration to our customers needs is a core value and not a sales pitch. We will seek perfection in every aspect of the beverage industry. Our company will continue to grow and be supportive of others who want to grow with us.

Enigma Group was created to offer a product and a service to our customers' that most only wonder about. The approach is striking and the dedication is sincere. With the passion of Enigma Group and your commitment to delivering the finest libations to date, as a team we can achieve higher goals.

 Enigma Group believes strongly that nothing is impossible. We will also remember to thank those who have helped us with their kindness and patience and in turn will offer the same in kind. We will continue to advance confidently towards our goals and dreams, and then unexpectedly we will arrive at success in common hours. Knowledge is not a bag of information one carries on his back, he will soon find it far too heavy of a load to bear, we prefer to pass it onto others. We have dedicated ourselves to educating those who seek recognition.

(Enigma Group: Baffling the imbiber one cocktail at a time.) 8/28/05