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The Art of Nightlife & Cocktails


Our Motto
Enigma Group is determined to raise the bar in sustainable living, dining and entertainment paving the way for an improved tomorrow. From training and education, concept and design, to day-to-day operations - we are driven to make the difference in our future

Classic Cocktails
Equal parts quality and simplicity, with a dash of controversy! Every truly classic cocktail is a study in exquisite simplicity, both in recipe and presentation. 

Enigma Group
As a proven leader in the world of ultra-lounges, nightlife concepts, cocktails, hotel operations, and the art of mixology, the stage is set. We are here to offer you the foremost detailed consulting services on your project no matter the size or  intimacy level. Our clients rely on Enigma Group when they are looking for a firm that thinks differently, a firm that pushes the envelope beyond what's already been done.

We are a firm that understands how to leverage access and relationships to make each and every effort go further by delivering beyond the expectations of our clients. We are a firm that understands the strategic side of branding and marketing all for your benefit.

All great projects begin with a vision, with Enigma Group that vision will begin to take place from this day forward. We offer a wide variety of solutions to get you to your goal.Guest satisfaction, consistent recipe execution and larger profits to the bottom line, that's our promise to you. We all have dreams of becoming someone or something great and together we will be just that. The one that baffles the understanding.  "Game Changers"

Cocktail Hour
Stay up to date with the cocktail of the month as we navigate you through the clouds of controversy and get you only the facts. We look forward to hearing from you with any questions or comments. Please join us on an exciting safari of cocktails as we take you through the art of mixology from A to Z. To be placed on our mailing list please send us an e-mail at   
cocktails@enigmagrouplv.com   for the latest updates and the newest Cocktail Hour segments.. Cheers